ADTECH IQ: Innovative – Intelligent – Individual

ADTECH’s focus is on creating innovative, intelligent solutions that work for and with our partner’s individual business goals. At the center of our globally successful ad serving system is ADTECH IQ – a pioneering product consistently updated based on industry and client needs.


Our goal is to increase the efficiency of ad serving and data management processes, to enable our partners to optimize their ad workflow and meet all company objectives.

Reach out to us today and learn how ADTECH’s ad serving solutions can help increase your company’s revenues.

ADTECH Display​​

Real-time ad management!

With ADTECH Display, you can manage complex ad serving processes in real-time. Powerful functions such as Dashboard, LIVE Monitoring, LIVE Test, our interactive reporting and sophisticated Inventory Management System, give you full control over your campaigns and streamline all workflows. Learn more about our display ad serving product.


ADTECH Video Streamline your video workflow!

ADTECH Video gives you the power to monetize your video content and makes your video workflow more efficient. Furthermore, with combined display-video reports, you can see at a glance how various campaigns are performing in your network. This allows you to identify sales opportunities quicker and helps you optimize profits more efficiently. Get to know more benefits of our video ad serving solution.


ADTECH Mobile Reach out to your mobile audience!

ADTECH Mobile is the simplified way to book mobile campaigns and effectively target your mobile market. Our advertisers benefit from targeting and reporting options such as: device detection, brand, network operator and frequency capping. Learn more about how to reach the optimal return on investment from your mobile campaigns!

ADTECH Rich Media

ADTECH Rich Media Create, collaborate, control!

ADTECH Rich Media not only allows designers to build unique, creative ads, but facilitates quick and easy execution of interactive online campaigns that grab attention and engage target audiences. Learn how to successfully control your Flash or HTML5 ads!

ADTECH Analytics

ADTECH Analytics Make the right decision faster!

ADTECH Analytics provides detailed insights into the performance of all your ad campaigns and placements. Sales simulations and forecasts give you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. Gain a comprehensive view of your ad server data now!


Start your ad selling business now!

ADTECH lite is a trim version of ADTECH’s premium product, offered free-of-charge to publishers and advertisers serving 50mm impressions or less. Take the opportunity to utilize our premier ad management technology for free!


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