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ADTECH is a leading international supplier of digital marketing solutions. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL Inc.

Head office:

Dreieich, near Frankfurt (Germany)

Data centres:

Europe: Frankfurt and Amsterdam United States: Virginia and California

Global offices:

London, Paris, Amsterdam*, Vienna*, Zurich*, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cape Town*, Mumbai, Bangalore*, Cairo*, Tel Aviv, Dubai*, Istanbul*, Athens*, New York City, San Francisco, Dulles, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Ultimo*, Auckland* * ADTECH Reseller

Headquartered in Frankfurt (Germany), the company's flagship product is an integrated ad serving platform - amended by features for mobile devices and video ads. These enable web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and evaluate virtually any kind of online advertising campaigns. ADTECH allows its customers to enhance efficiency, reliability and ROI in their online advertising businesses. Globally, ADTECH GmbH, founded in 1998 works with customers in more than 40 countries.

1998 The limited liability company ADTECH was founded. The first data center, located in Frankfurt/M. (Germany), went online.
1999 American internet holding company CMGI acquired a controlling interest (80 %) in ADTECH. The investment in ADTECH was the company’s first investment in a European company.
2000 ADTECH becomes a private limited company. ADTECH delivers its billionth banner since the opening of the data centre in July 1998.
2001 ADTECH delivers its ten billionth banner. The new Helios technology is launched, and more than 80 % of the AdForce technology is re-engineered. ADTECH breaks even and is fully self-financed.
2002 ADTECH servers delivered their 100,000th advertising campaign.
2003 ADTECH enters e-mail marketing. ADTECH launches Europe-wide local targeting down to city level.
2004 ADTECH has now completely replaced the AdForce technology with its own new developments.
2005 ADTECH opens its second ad serving data centre in Frankfurt/Main. Launch of next generation ad serving solution Helios IQ. New release of Helios Messenger.
2006 ADTECH strongly focuses on expansion and growth and opens additional sales offices in USA, Australia, Thailand and South Africa.
2007 AOL acquires ADTECH AG. ADTECH operates as an independent and wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL’s division.
ADTECH is establishing two data centres in the United States to help serve the firm’s growing clientele.
2008 ADTECH is serving 100 billion ad impressions per month.
2009 New record breaking reach in ad delivery reached in the first quarter of 2009. ADTECH now delivers over 125 billion ad impressions per month. ADTECH succesfully expands its business worldwide and opens a new office in Sydney. With the Launch of Analytics, ADTECH starts a new suite of business intelligence products for ad serving.
2010 ADTECH opens a new data centre in Amsterdam strengthening its ad delivery infrastructure. Ad impressions served monthly grow to 150 billion a month. ADTECH further expands globally, opening new offices in Copenhagen, India and Israel.


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